JW Tree Service owner Troy Alexander is not afraid to go out on a limb for his customers, who include FishHawk Fellowship Church.

JW Tree Service owner Troy Alexander is passionate about trees and his faith. A member of FishHawk Fellowship Church, Alexander had the opportunity for his two passions to merge recently as he transformed the church’s new parking area from a tangled web of trees and brush to a visually appealing and clean expanse.

FishHawk Fellowship’s operations pastor Eddie Fabelo said about Alexander that the final result was fantastic. “Before Troy and his team completed the job you couldn’t see the church from the parking because there was so many low-hanging trees and brush,” he said. “Now the new parking lot looks like it’s a part of our complex, it’s much more cohesive.”

Alexander brings his passion to each of his customer’s projects, from pruning and beautifying to tree removal. “Shaping trees and canopies is an art form,” he said. “It’s important to create something that is pleasing to the eye without destroying the integrity of the tree.”

Springtime is a perfect time to prune trees to remove dead, diseased and overgrown branches. Pruning is especially important for trees growing close to homes so they will not adversely affect windows or roofs. With hurricane season approaching, pruning helps to remove old and rotting branches that could become flying debris during storms.

Whether working in an orange grove clearing diseased trees or helping residential customers with tree trimming or removal, Alexander’s commitment to sustaining the beauty of the environment is apparent with each project.

Alexander said homeowners need to be on the lookout for the borer beetle, that is wreaking havoc on oak and pine trees. “When I moved here 20 years ago they weren’t a problem but I am seeing more and more trees infested with them at an alarming rate,” he said. “I’m in FishHawk Trails every week helping homeowners with trees that are infested.”

If homeowners notice bore dust (what looks like sawdust) around trees and exit holes in the timber that appear round or oval in shape with sharp edges, a borer beetle infestation is possible. Alexander recommends BoraCare to treat the infestation, which can be purchased through Amazon. Leaving the job to a professional is also an option.

JW Tree Service is licensed and insured and ready to tackle any project big or small.

If a permit is needed for the job, Alexander takes care of the necessary paperwork with the appropriate governing body, whether homeowners’ association or the county.

JW Tree Service comes highly recommended by its past customers.

“I absolutely recommend JW Tree Service,” said Fabelo. “Troy is a man of integrity and says what he does and he does what he says.”

For more information about JW Tree Service or for a free estimate call 601-7091.

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