Pharmacist Sabrina Jaglal is ready to offer the specialized service she could not provide at chain pharmacies.

You will not find aisles of meats, breads or milk at Benzer Pharmacy, the newest pharmacy in FishHawk Ranch. You won’t find any cosmetics, candy or greeting cards either.

What you will find at this franchised pharmacy is free home delivery for patients with transportation challenges, a pharmacist who is eager to get to know customers on a first-name basis and blister packs (individual pill packs for customers with multiple prescriptions in order to reduce the risk that they will mix up drugs or skip doses).

Personalized care is what people value in a pharmacy—and where Benzer Pharmacy, located adjacent to Mosaic at 5603 Skytop Dr., seems to excel.

“People want to be treated like individuals,” said franchise owner Maulik Patel.

Pharmacist Sabrina Jaglal said that is why she joined the staff at Benzer Pharmacy. “I have worked at chain pharmacies in the past and was discouraged from having any kind of relationship with patients, it was all about the volume of medication I could dispense,” she said. “The philosophy here is they want me to build relationships with every patient that comes in here.”

One recent patient came in looking for a medication that was on backorder. Jaglal went the extra step, contacting the manufacturer directly, who offered the medication in a different strength. She worked with the patient’s physician to get a new prescription written in the available pills matched up with the what she was prescribed. The patient was thrilled that a pharmacist was willing to go above and beyond her expectations.

“Helping patients is the reason why I chose a career in pharmacy,” said Jaglal. “I want to provide that level of service to every patient.”

With this level of service patients would expect longer wait times. Not so, said Patel. Prescriptions will be filled in as little as ten minutes.

Benzer Pharmacy is open Monday to Friday 9 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m.-1 p.m. It accepts all major insurance plans, including Medicare Part D, CVS Caremark, Express Script, MEDCO and more.

For the first six months in business, Benzer Pharmacy is offering reduced pricing on some generic drug options. “Big-box pharmacies charge $4 for these drugs, but we’ll have that same drug available for $2.99 or a three-month supply for $8.99,” said Patel.

For more information about Benzer Pharmacy or to transfer a prescription, call 548-2493 or visit

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MIchelle Caceres has been writing for the Osprey Observer for seventeen years. She enjoys writing human interest pieces about inspiring members of the community who are working to better our community. She lives in FishHawk Ranch with her husband and recently became an empty-nester. When not writing, Michelle is serving her church community, reading and enjoying Florida's weather.