Local author Fiona Reid recently published Brave the Plane Who Was Afraid to Fly, which is the first book in a series of adventures.

By Joe Kerr

Brave the Plane Who Was Afraid to Fly is the first illustrated children’s book in a series of adventures with the primary airplane character Brave. First-time children’s author Fiona Reid partners with illustrator Aliosa Tran Phan to take young readers and their parents on a flying adventure.

Brave and his family of airplane parents and siblings fly their way through the causes and challenges of the crippling emotion of fear. Brave faces his fear and, in an emotional but realistic moment, overcomes his fear because he sees his father’s face and overcomes a fear of his own.

Reid’s background in Freedom Ministry, held at the Crossing Church, gives her a unique perspective on how to deal with negative emotions. She incorporates those principles into the story of Brave and demonstrates effectively how even children can be released from the negative impact of fear.

With the help of his father, a veteran flying ace, Brave chooses first to admit and then overcome his fear. Brave’s father leads the way when he publicly admits a vulnerability he has hidden for years. Fiona allows Brave and every member of his family to teach lessons that every member of your family can employ to face fear, overcome your past and experience the freedom that comes from not hiding under the weight of your fears.

“I would like to see Brave help children experience freedom from problems that can haunt them for years,” explained Reid. “Imagine how different their lives will be as adults if they don’t carry those burdens and pains throughout their youth. I want to see families follow the example of Brave and his father.”

Fiona Reid grew up in the UK and placed the story of Brave in the hill country of Scotland, land of hills, valleys and castles. Brave the Plane Who Was Afraid to Fly is available at most online retailers and by order from Barnes and Noble or Books-A-Million. Fiona is Director of Freedom and Prayer ministries at Crossing Church in Tampa. You can follow Brave’s story and interact with author Fiona Reid on her Facebook page through @fionainspired.

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