Photo courtesy of MPact Services. MPact will go to communities on the weekends and have collection events so that residents can responsibly get rid of their electronics.

MPact Services, run by husband and wife team Matt and Donna McCarty, helps businesses, communities, agencies and other entities with responsible electronics recycling, including consulting and project management services, along with disposal of scrap and surplus metals and obsolete heavy equipment.

The McCartys started the company in 2014, and together, have used their previous working experience to help jump-start MPact. “We feel that our company makes an ‘MPact’ on the community and the environment by providing our neighbors with an environmentally friendly and responsible way to properly dispose of their end-of-life electronics and scrap items,” said McCarty. “The more material we can recycle and/or repurpose, the more we can lessen the stream of materials that are being sent to our landfills.”

MPact accepts most residential electronic items like small appliances such as cell phones as well as commercial type equipment from laptops to printers. You can find a list of items it accepts listed on their website,
Its services, which are completely free, also include complimentary pickup from your home or business, no matter how large or small the size. You can contact the logistics department and schedule a time and date for the removal of the material. MPact will provide you with a certificate of recycling or a certificate of destruction upon request to ensure none of your sensitive data is released back into the public.

The company works with homeowners associations around the area and on select weekends will go to different communities to hold collection events. Some of the electronics are eventually repurposed or used for scrap metal. The hard drives are all erased and properly disposed of. It can assist everyone from homeowners and small businesses all the way up to large government agencies. The event calendar is located on its website.

For more information, you can visit the website at You can follow MPact Services on Facebook at MPact Services, LLC as well.

“It gives people peace of mind, the feeling of knowing that their electronics aren’t just going to be thrown in a landfill and are handled responsibly,” said McCarty. “That’s really important to us.”

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