Le'Ann and Joseph Jackson holding some of their jarred cheesecakes and a dark chocolate bar.

Many people will agree that cheesecakes are delicious, but Le’Anns Cheesecakes N More brings more to the table. Its cheesecakes come in jars, making them a convenient, portable treat, and these cheesecakes along with Le’Anns’ dark chocolate bars have entered the CBD (cannabidiol) market.

CBD products have great health benefits, helping with anxiety, sleep issues, movement disorders, cognition, nausea, inflammation, pain relief and more. As such, Le’Anns CBD foods not only taste good, they can be good for you.

With the company’s recent and ongoing growth, its items will be easier to find. You can find Le’Anns’ products in many stores, such as Bulk Nations, Yo Yo Juice, East Coast Pizza and now also in Lucky’s Markets, along with many other locations throughout Florida.

The owners, Le’Ann and Joseph Jackson, said they are also looking into Whole Foods, Fresh Markets and eventually Publix, but it does not stop there for Le’Anns. “We’ve been asked by a couple companies how they can get pallets shipped to Europe and places like that…It feels amazing,” the Jacksons said.

All of Le’Anns’ items are made in Florida, and most of the cheesecakes are crafted by Le’Ann and Joseph themselves. The cheesecake recipe has been in Le’Ann’s family for four generations, but putting them in jars is a recent invention. The Jacksons found that jars make the cheesecakes easier to keep cold and allows them to be taken and placed practically anywhere, whether it is the beach, the park, in the car, your bag or elsewhere.

Le’Anns’ traditional cheesecakes cost $6.99 each. The 80mg CBD cheesecakes cost $19.99 and 150mg CBD dark chocolate bars cost $24.99. You will find many cheesecake flavors, such as strawberry, chocolate, cookies ‘n cream and guava, to name a few. There are also seasonal flavors like raspberry and pumpkin. In April, grand slam cheesecake is available, and May through July will have s’mores.

But cheesecakes and chocolate bars will not be the only things the company makes. “We’re expanding into new food items and pantry and dry goods. We’re going to be selling hot sauces and salad dressing and other staples for your pantry,” said Joseph. All the food will still be made in Florida.

For more information, please visit http://leannscheesecakesnmore.com and follow their social media pages through @Cheesecakenmore and @LeAnnsInfusions.

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