Aaron Adams and Brian Davis during their podcast at First Baptist Church of Brandon, holding a board representing several Overwatch League teams.

For online video games like Overwatch, a problem in those communities is the offensive and unpleasant behavior often thrown around, which many would like to avoid. For Overwatch League (OWL) fans seeking family-friendly content, local residents Aaron Adams and Brian Davis have a solution.

Adams and Davis host a podcast series, ‘Casual Overwatch League Fans’ (COWLFans), which avoids the ugly trends in the OWL community while discussing the OWL, giving interested people a place to follow OWL content and enjoy it without worry.

The idea began as a joke about an OWL-focused show they could do together for fun. Adams created the podcast’s logo as part of the joke, but Davis liked the idea enough to commit to it, and the show was born.

“Our podcasts are geared toward the casual fans, so neither of us are too insane about trying to watch every single [OWL] game possible,” said Adams.

As each OWL session lasts from Thursday to Sunday, the podcasts discuss important happenings and things of interest, but they do not cover everything due to the length of sessions.

Adams noted, “We make it a point every week to definitely talk about the Florida Mayhem,” which is Florida’s professional Overwatch esports team. “We also…both pick a game we thought was really good from the past week and we’ll talk about those a little bit, and we’ll both pick a match of the week upcoming that we’re excited to see, or a game that we think’s going to be important.”

COWLFans’ podcasts are also videos, but it focuses on being equally interesting for listeners and watchers so neither misses out on much.

Since Adams and Davis are Christians recording at First Baptist Church of Brandon and recognized the prevalent unfriendly content surrounding Overwatch, they wanted the show to be safe for all to follow and share.

“If anybody in the area wants to reach out, we’re happy to engage with anybody,” said Adams. He added, “Follows and shares go a long way in promoting what we have here, which can help others see that there’s a space for this.”

COWLFans podcasts are released every Monday. To listen and watch, visit http://bit.ly/COWLiTunes, http://bit.ly/COWLSpotify, http://bit.ly/COWLplay or http://bit.ly/COWLFans for YouTube.

You can follow and Like COWLFans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter through @COWLFans.

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