Your wedding will be beautiful and something you will remember for you entire life, but there is a small part of you that will be relieved to have the stress of planning such a major event behind you and looking forward to some well-earned relaxation.

No matter if you have planned a relaxing week on the beach, adventure in the mountains or a quick city getaway, you want to make sure you bring everything you could possibly need.

Make A List

Making a list is the first step to ensuring nothing important gets left behind. The key is not to make your list in one sitting or just a few days before departure. You need time to come back to it. Choose things that mix and match well, and that perhaps you can get more than one use out of if you will be gone for several days.

Consider Going Carry-On Only

Not having to check any luggage makes traveling so much easier and saves you precious time! Think about it. Would you rather be pacing around a luggage carousel or be that much closer to sipping mai tais at the beachside bar? Try packing versatile pieces for your trip or visit a local luggage store for things like pack-flat toiletry kits and packing cubes that can save serious room in your suitcase.

Checking A Bag

No matter how inconvenient, there are some bags you just need to check. Maybe your honeymoon is an extended trip or you will be hitting several destinations in varying climates. Whatever the reason, checking at least one bag might be your best bet.

If this is the situation, planning your carry-on actually becomes more important in case your checked bag does not arrive with you. Consider adding travel insurance to make sure you are covered.

Always pack at least one spare outfit, comfortable flats, a swimsuit and another spare outfit appropriate for dinner. This should get you through the first few days without your checked luggage before it is either found and delivered to you, or give you enough time to purchase replacements of essential items at your destination.

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