There are many advantages to getting married in the summer. For starters, it is easier for people to take off work and the weather is more consistent. Make your wedding stand out by incorporating some of the following details.

1. A self-serve ice cream bar or snow cone cart. Both whimsical and refreshing, a snow cone cart or ice cream bar puts a new twist on wedding desserts. They also keep guests cool as a cucumber on a sultry summer day. Check with party rental companies to see what options they can offer.

2. Signature cocktails. You can have a signature cocktail no matter the season of your wedding. But a crisp cocktail in a bright color screams summer—not to mention many fruits and veggies are in season and at their height of flavor. Work with a local bartender to find out what is in season to craft the best drink to reflect your tastes

3. Lawn games. The summer wedding season brings many an outdoor affair. Let guests make their own fun by offering a selection of lawn games croquet and lawn dice, which work well with players sporting formal wear.

4. Sparklers. When things get late and it is time to take your leave, do it in style by handing out sparklers for guests to light and line your path.

5. Bright bouquets. Summer was made for bold colors—and Mother Nature agrees!

6. Fun photo booth. Use a fun photo booth to give guests a special keepsake photo and something to do in between activities.

Choose flowers in vivid colors like red, pink or yellow. Pick large blooms like peonies, hydrangeas or sunflowers.

No matter what you decide to incorporate into your summer wedding, remember to always get quotes from as many local vendors as possible. Doing so will save money and uncover unique ideas that may help your special day stand out from the summer wedding crowd.

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