Ms. Pizzichetti has been a school counselor for 21 years.

Why did you decide to become a school counselor?
I am passionate about working with children/students of all ages. I like to advocate for them and their needs. I started worked with middle and high school students for the first eight years. I have now been at FishHawk Creek Elementary for the last 13 years. It is even more important that I am here building relationships with the students with mental health impacting more and more students. They need someone to listen to them and talk with them, mostly listen.

What is a goal of yours as a counselor?
My goal is to connect with each child/student and make them feel welcome. Almost everyday for the last 21 years as a school counselor, I greet the children and families in the morning and at dismissal. I say hello to each one, even if I do not receive a hello back. I smile at them and try make eye contact.

One day, even those who initially do not reply to me—maybe in the end say hello or make eye contact. I try to share this skill with others. I try to be a role model. Others can learn that smiling makes them feel better on the inside. We took on “Project Smile” this year and our Kiwanis Kids (K. Kids) helped out all week covering all the gates and classroom doors on campus “smiling and making students feel welcome each morning.”

What is something your students don’t know about you?
On a trip to Jamaica, I jumped off of a bridge that was over water—the bridge was three stories high! Fun times with friends. Also, I bake chocolate chip (Otis Spunkmeyer) cookies to perfection!!! Is there a quote or saying that you live by? I really like the Serenity Prayer. It is empowering. It was my father’s favorite.

What would you like to see changed in the schools?
Testing—too much time spent on testing!!!

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