A kitty decides to take part in the yoga fun too.

By Hailey Le Roy

Imagine a place of pure tranquility and relaxation. Then add cute little animals. That is exactly what Dancing for Donations is doing with its puppy and kitten yoga.

In addition to its all-inclusive dance classes, Dancing for Donations has partnered with Hannah’s House of Friends to offer puppy yoga and Cat Haven Rescue to offer kitten yoga. The nonprofits’ goal is to aid with the rate of adoptions at each rescue as well as raise money for its own organization.

According to the organization’s head, Sara Battaglia, she came up with the idea after a vendor market with Cat Haven Rescue was unsuccessful. “I was trying to think of other ways to help fundraise for us and other organizations and I was like, ‘it might be a crazy idea, but, like, what about cat yoga?’”

She discussed it with the team at Cat Haven Rescue and they agreed to the partnership. Thus, cat yoga was born. It was then so successful that she reached out to Hannah’s House of Friends to do puppy yoga.

Each yoga class is $15. Fifty percent of the proceeds go towards Dancing for Donations and 50 percent of the proceeds go towards the shelter partnered with at the session.

All the cats in the kitten yoga as well as some dogs in the puppy yoga are adoptable.

“With the cats the people got to actually get to hang out with the cats and get to know the cats before adopting them,” Battaglia said, “They were super fun and super cute.”

Battaglia said that it is part of Dancing for Donations’ mission to give back to the community. “We have the space, so might as well use it for the bettering of the community.”

The nonprofit is looking into doing bunny yoga in the future.

This summer, Dancing for Donations is offering a dance technique camp, a dojo camp and more. It is also hoping to put on The Nutcracker this year. The next Puppy Yoga class will be Sunday, July 28.

For information, visit the Dancing for Donations’ Facebook page.

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