Technology consultant Elvis Colon demonstrates home theater features in the Secure Pro showroom.

By Brad Stager

Security systems have been around for decades, protecting homes, alerting families to break-ins or fire and sounding an alarm when trouble is afoot.

But a well-integrated modern security system is capable of doing much more than alerting homeowners and first responders to a potential problem, and that is where Secure Pro, which designs, installs and services security, entertainment and smart home technology, comes in.

With the growing number of new homes in the area, Secure Pro is often called upon to install a home’s security system as part of the construction that is geared to that particular architecture and is integrable with added features such as entertainment systems or smart home devices like Google’s Alexa.

“We work mostly with builders, but we also do a lot of the after-work as well,” said Elvis Colon, a technology consultant with Secure Pro.

The outcome can be as elaborate as a home theater with no visible wires, controlled by a single remote that also includes security and home utility management features or a system can be tailored to specific needs.

When it comes to remodeling, Secure Pro can also install electrical features such as outlets, fans and lights as well as take care of security and entertainment upgrades.

Commercial clients needing camera and security systems for their offices, warehouses or service centers are also supported by Secure Pro, which has installed systems to protect medical and firearms businesses, which have specific security and regulatory requirements.

According to Colon, Secure Pro can design a security/entertainment package to fit a wide range of budgets and needs, from about $1,000 for a basic smartphone system that can monitor what is going on and control functions such as setting the indoor temperature and turning lights on or off.

While there may be a plethora of off-the-shelf and online DIY options available to consumers, Colon said Secure Pro offers a level of service that is hard to equal.

“We’re all about customer service, providing the customer with what they want,” said Colon, who added that should problems arise, “We’ll make it right. We’re in the community and it’s important that we take pride in the work we do.”

Secure Pro is located at 3018 US Hwy. 301 N, Ste. 1000. in Tampa. To find out how Secure Pro can meet your security and home entertainment needs, visit or call 381-3861 to schedule a consultation.

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