The SouthShore Arts Council provides funding for unique arts projects, such as this mobile Giant Marionette Jug Band designed and built by Shelley Davis of Valrico. The SouthShore Arts Council is seeking new board members. If you are passionate about supporting and advocating for local artists and art projects, this is your unique opportunity.

The SouthShore Arts Council is a local nonprofit arts organization that was established in 2004. It is a cultural resource for artists in South Hillsborough County communities. The goal of the SouthShore Arts Council is to work with artists to promote cultural enrichment activities in South Hillsborough County by making art and the creative process accessible to the public through funding programs, sponsorships and community outreach.

The SouthShore Arts Council is seeking board members. If you want to be a part of a dynamic and unique arts organization, now is your opportunity to join the SouthShore Arts Council Board of Directors.

Mike Parker, a renowned artist who is well known for his large-scale murals, is president of the SouthShore Arts Council.

Parker said, “We are looking for a group of individuals to come together and get creative in how they form the future of the organization.”

This is your opportunity to support artists in South Hillsborough County and be an advocate for the arts.

Parker said, “The SouthShore Arts Council wants to make connections between the community and artists through funding programs. The programs are located in the SouthShore area, but the artists can be within a 50-mile radius of Apollo Beach.”

Projects that have been funded by the SouthShore Arts Council include a Giant Marionette Jug Band designed and built by Valrico artist, Shelley Davis. The Giant Marionette Jug Band is powered by a bike rider and comes complete with music. The Giant Marionette Jug Band has not yet made its public debut, so be on the lookout for it.

Another project is called Bend, Grind & Ride: Earn a Bike. This is a program, run by Parker, where students learn to design and build custom bikes.

To become a member of the SouthShore Arts Council, you do not have to live in the SouthShore area. You do have to possess an excitement for local arts activities. Some experience in how an arts nonprofit organization should operate is helpful, but not necessary.

For more information, contact Parker at 846-2000 or email

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