Tiffany Bella is an all-around unique, self-taught artist who specializes in large art pieces that may be abstract, coastal images or landscapes. You can commission her for an original piece, take a class with her or just follow her on social media.

Tiffany Bella is an interesting and unique artist. Bella specializes in large abstract paintings. A good portion of her work comes from homeowners and businesses who commission her to create her large, acrylic on canvas pieces. Her largest is a three piece, 12 ft. long octopus that is in a home in Mira Bay.

Bella’s art is different in that she uses a lot of different textures, bling and metallic paint. She said, “I think this creates interest.”

Bella creates a lot of coastal images (sunsets, fish and oceans), landscapes and modern folk art.

Bella has about 300 pieces on display in homes in the Waterset neighborhood. She also does commissions for businesses. In doing her commissions, she is very flexible on what she paints.

Bella said, “For me, it is more about the process of creating something. I like to get my hands in the art.”

Bella’s artwork is also very affordable, so anyone can acquire an original work of art.

When Bella moved to Florida, she thought that she would be a stay-at-home mom. She had been painting all of her life and decorated her home with her own artwork.

“One day, a neighbor saw one of my pieces and asked if I did custom work. I painted a piece for them. They then posted it on social media and the next thing I knew, I had a great business, which has grown from there,” explained Bella.

In addition to commissions, Bella offers in-home private art classes for children six years and older. Each class is start to finish and lasts approximately 75 minutes. The cost is $50 per session.

Bella also offers painting sessions in your home for a minimum of six people. She will lead the group and each attendee can create their own original work of art. Bella provides the supplies and the instruction to paint as you go. Her painting sessions are unique in that you get to select the color palette you will use.

Bella also works with a realtor in the SouthShore area. When the realtor has an open house, Bella will set up in an empty room and do live painting. Who knows, you might just end up with not only a new home, but an original work of art to go with it.

For more information on Bella, please follow her on Facebook and Instagram @TiffanyBellaArtist or email her at

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