Bella was so excited trying on the new pink shirt that she picked out at the Women’s Resource Center’s event last year.

By Jasmine Haroun

The Women’s Resource Center, located at 1017 Kingsway Rd. in Brandon, is preparing for its 15th annual Back to School event on Saturday, August 10 and would greatly appreciate any donations.

Every year around this time, the center collects donations for its Back to School event. After receiving contributions for the event, the center then supplies the remaining essentials. The goal is to provide 250 kids in need both donated and new outfits for each student. The recipients also receive school supplies as well as food for the first week to help them and their families.

All of the items given to these kids come from the donations brought in, so it goes without saying that the center benefits from any contributions. The Center is currently accepting clothes, food, school supplies and hygiene products until Wednesday, August 7.

Additionally, the Women’s Resource Center works with a textile mill, so any clothes that do not end up being used are sent to the mill to be recycled; this way nothing is ever wasted.

A mother from last year’s event noted, “Thank you for helping our family this year with school supplies. We have had some costly home repairs this year and have been through a lot. You have helped us a great deal.”

The center was opened in 2003 by Cheryl Hickman to help those in need; struggling families and individuals, single parents, the elderly or disabled, veterans and the homeless.

It quickly became a nonprofit organization not only geared towards helping with present necessities, but, more importantly, with achieving a more successful future.

The center provides the resources, education, case management and support many of these people need in order to get back up on their feet and live better lives.

“We aid with budgeting, finding jobs and homes and keeping them accountable to achieve success in their lives,” said Hickman.

Thanks to the local businesses, youth groups, churches and individual people who donate, these families know that their community supports them. In their time of need, they can worry about one less thing.

The Women’s Resource Center is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Visit or call 309-3357.

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