The MOPS/MOMSnext pose for a picture at one of their service projects. MOPS/MOMSnext is not just about socializing, it is also about giving back to the community

By Nur Suleiman

If you are a mom looking to get together with other moms, MOPS is the way to go. MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. MOPS gives mothers of all types, young moms, expecting moms, seasoned moms, adoptive moms, stepmoms and even foster moms, a chance to fellowship with one another.

The MOPS groups meet at FishHawk Fellowship Church every first and third Tuesday of each month starting in September. The meetings are a time for socializing with other women as well as listening to guest speakers, videos, discussions and friendships. This all comes with free childcare as well so moms get a chance to really build relationships with one another.

MOPS FishHawk started in 2006 and is a branch of MOPS International, Inc. Although MOPS International is a Christian organization, members do not have to be affiliated with a church to join the group.

If you are a mom and your children are older than preschool age, FishHawk Fellowship Church also offers MOMSnext. Both groups meet at the same time. However, the group is split up so moms can communicate with mothers that have children their age.

“I moved to FishHawk four years ago, and while looking for a way to plug into the community, get to know moms with kids my age, a neighbor shared that MOPS was meeting that upcoming week and she invited me along to check it out. I went to that first meeting and instantly felt welcomed, refreshed and a part of the community of moms,” said Laci Bellora, a member of the MOPS leadership team.

Not every meeting is the same. Each meeting is planned by the leadership team beforehand, which tries to incorporate a theme for each meeting. During the table talks, moms have the opportunity to chat about their lives and what it means to be a mom. MOPS/MOMSnext also helps to serve the community through service projects.

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