Doctors Hope and Arthur Reid stand and abide by their practice’s mission statement.

By Brad Stager

When the daily wear and tear and injuries that occur in life create hindrances to mobility and enjoyment, it’s only natural to seek relief from that discomfort. For people who want to ease their pain and improve their health, there is Hope Chiropractic and Wellness Center to consider.

The practice offers an extensive line of chiropractic treatment options ranging from basic massage to laser therapy, which can potentially reduce inflammation of damaged tissue and aid in its recovery.

People seek treatment at Hope Chiropractic and Wellness for reasons such as injuries from car accidents, workplace mishaps or the degenerative process of disease. Treatments can be tailored to each individual patient. For example, some might feel invigorated by popping and cracking that may accompany manual massaging and the adjusting of muscles, bones and joints.

As for patients who tense up hearing their body’s frame get realigned, there is the ArthroStim, a gentle jackhammer of sorts that can repeatedly apply measured amounts of highly localized pressure, benefiting patients needing a softer touch. On-site X-ray and thermography tools provide diagnostic and follow up convenience.

According to Dr. Hope Reid, the goal is to go beyond treating patient symptoms. “We focus on finding the cause of their issues.”

Hope Chiropractic is also available for groups who want to undertake the pursuit of greater health together by providing lifestyle services such as employee wellness programs and a Fit for the King program for churches, which, according to the practice’s website, “Teaches Christians how to be healthier, how to walk in Divine health and why they should become ‘fit’ for the King.”

The Doctors Reid also frequently present information about chiropractic medicine and other health topics at events throughout the Brandon community, where they have been providing treatment for more than 10 years. They each have bachelor degrees from the University of Florida and earned their Doctorate of Chiropractic degrees from Life University in Atlanta.

To learn more about Hope Chiropractic and Wellness Center, you can call 381-3880 and visit online at or in person at 1113 Professional Park Dr. in Brandon.

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