The Outreach Clinic has been providing much needed healthcare to uninsured residents for 30 years.

The Outreach Clinic was one of seven free clinics across Florida to receive funding from CVS Health Foundation. The grant is a part of the CVS Health Foundation’s ongoing effort to make quality healthcare convenient and affordable for more Americans.

The Outreach Clinic, located in Brandon, received $20,000 to create a Medical Home Placement and Management Program that will allow case managers to identify and assist newly discharged hospital patients in managing the challenges uninsured patients often face when placed into a medical home.

Deborah Meegan, the executive director of The Outreach Clinic, said, “This program will focus on the complicated challenges uninsured patients have when they are discharged from the hospital. It will allow case managers to identify and assist patients in the completion of online and phone applications for Medicaid, Social Security Disability and Hillsborough County Heath Care while being cared for at our clinic.”

Meegan added, “Timely placement into an appropriate medical home would facilitate follow up care and reduce readmission to the hospital while improving health outcomes for these individuals.”

Meegan explained why this program is needed. “Currently, patients are given instructions on how to apply for these programs and most of them cannot follow through the complicated application process due to barriers facing the low income. These include lack of computers, printers or fax machines and general understanding of the complicated guidelines.”

“We kept seeing the same patients getting discharged from the hospital. We soon realized that that they could not complete the process for eligibility. Since they were unable to get approved, they continued to have no access to healthcare and continue to come to our clinic,” said Meegan.

“This program allows our case managers to assist individuals with the applications, thereby increasing the approval rate and allowing them to access a medical home and expedite the ongoing care they need to manage their health; it allows us to save our resources for patients who are not eligible for services elsewhere,” added Meegan.

The Outreach Clinic is a local resource that is vitally needed in the community. Approximately 15 percent of individuals living in Hillsborough County do not have health insurance.

The Outreach Clinic is located at 517 N. Parsons Ave. in Brandon and has been serving the community for 30 years. Please visit

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