Dr. Robert Lutz and Dr. Morgan Price help patients feel their best through various chiropractic services at Motion Chirotherapy in FishHawk.

Dr. Robert Lutz has turned his passion for helping others into action when he opened Motion Chirotherapy in August 2018 in FishHawk. He knew he wanted to help deliver the best chiropractic care to the community.

“I saw a need in this community for what I’m able to provide,” said Dr. Lutz. “Getting to meet and impact so many wonderful people in this community that has welcomed me with open-arms for the past year.”

Dr. Lutz focuses on the wholeness of the client, including young athletes that are prone to injuries.

“We have some real powerhouse high schools in Hillsborough with high-performance young athletes that need a trained professional to work with them to not only keep them safe and uninjured, but also make sure that they’re meeting all of their performance expectations for the season and beyond.”

Starting with many of the hurt high school athletes that come into the office, Dr. Lutz, along with Dr. Morgan Price, not only focus on relieving athletes of the pain quickly, but also retrain biomechanics to prevent future injury, whether it be their pitch, running form, squats or dead lifts.

“It’s always heartwarming to take that athlete to the next level, where now they’re out of pain, but also able to pitch faster, squat heavier, etc, than they were before they were ever injured to begin with.”

Motion Chirotherapy prides itself on the high-quality rehab it can provide for making sure sport’s injuries are taken care of as fast and effectively as possible. The practice spends one on one time with the doctor for the full 30 minutes with the patient. In addition, Motion Chirotherapy loves to give back to the community to show its ongoing support and gratitude to its patients.

“We love to give back to our community and one of the ways we do is by always offering $10 sports physicals for the local high schools and middle schools,” said Dr. Lutz. “We have actually partnered with Newsome High School and we donate 100 percent of the funds back to the Newsome athletic boosters.”

Motion Chirotherapy will work with patients, from young to old, to be as flexible as possible to make sure that the patient is provided a treatment that works with their needs.

“Much of what we do is patient education on how to self-treat out of the office, so 70 percent of our treatment can be done autonomously at home, and you can just use us for periodic guidance,” said Dr. Lutz.

Motion Chirotherapy is located at 16765 Fishhawk Blvd. in Lithia. Visit www.motionchirotherapy.com or call 793-7791.

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