Adam M. benAbram is an advisor with the financial services company Edward Jones.

By Brad Stager

Working as a financial advisor for the last eight years has been a followup endeavor to Adam M. benAbram’s 25-year stint as an MRI technician, but as he views his life’s work, the motivation for each job has been the same.

“I’ve only had one career,” said Adam. “I want to take care of people.”

From their office at the corner of Bloomingdale Ave. and Gornto Lakes Rd., Adam and Donna Gaffin, the branch office administrator, provide the financial services that meet the needs of their clients.

These services include finding and implementing ways of building wealth, as well as protecting assets. Clients have access to an array of investment tools, such as stocks, mutual funds and bonds, which can be leveraged in ways that suit their unique situations and needs. Annuities and insurance products are also available, as are retirement and cash management services for self-employed clients.

Whether someone’s priority is their children’s education or their own retirement, Adam said his commitment remains the same.

“I want to do the best thing, for the most people, for the right reasons.”

When working with clients, Adam said the basis for making a financial investment decision is that “there has to be justification for it,” and “it has to be better for you than anyone else.” He cites, for example, that Edward Jones’ fee structure is appropriate for long-term investors, but not for day traders, who would incur greater expenses through prolific trading.

Communication is an important element of Adam’s approach to customer service and clients should expect to meet with him again after the initial consultation and establishment of a professional relationship to ensure investments are in good order. To that end, Adam pledges to make it easy to get together.

“I will meet you where you are,” he said. “You don’t have to walk in.”

As for the company Adam represents, Edward Jones has been offering financial services to consumers since 1922, and now has more than seven million clients, with $1 trillion in assets under its management.

As a Fortune 500 company, it serves clients in all 50 states through more than 13,000 local offices like Adam M. benAbram’s, located at 10312 W. Bloomingdale Ave., Ste. 105. For more information, visit online at or call 813-626-3052.

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