For those who just can’t get enough, Crafty Crab in Brandon has a seafood platter that includes snow crab, whole shrimp, crawfish, mussels, clams, corn and potatoes.

Recently, several crab and seafood restaurants have been opening up in the community, and joining in the trend in Brandon is Crafty Crab, which opened this year in February.

Crafty Crab’s home-style, Southern seafood comes in the forms of freshly cooked crabs, crawfish, calamari, lobsters, shrimp and more, alongside corn and potatoes. It also offers generous portions, making for mouthwatering meals that can easily satisfy your appetite.

After you choose a seafood boil, you can pick from four seasonings, including buttery garlic, lemon pepper, its original Crafty Cajun and the Boom!!!, a mixture of all three seasonings that create an explosion of flavor. Then comes the choice of spiciness, be it mild, medium, fire or dry, which is a seasoning of your preferred spicy level on the side.

According to its website, “At Crafty Crab, we know food tastes better with your hands, so don’t be shy—dig in! Our signature New Orleans-style low country boil is a feast for seafood lovers and perfect for a casual dinner. We make our own seasoning to create a unique arrangement of flavors.”

For friends and family members who prefer something that isn’t shellfish, Crafty Crab also has fried chicken tenders and wings, fries, coleslaw, cheese sticks and more that are all just as tasty.

When asked which foods are favorites among customers, Crafty Crab’s manager, Stephen Beltz, said, “The boils definitely, and I think the combination platter that we sell the most is the headless shrimp with snow crab, and that comes with potatoes and corn as well.”

As for what makes Crafty Crab stand out among similar restaurants that recently opened in the area, Beltz said, “Our seasonings speaks for itself, our secret spices that we use that we don’t share with anyone and I think the biggest thing is our customer service and the friendly staff that we have.”

Crafty Crab is located at 704 E. Brandon Blvd. and is open Sunday-Thursday from 12 Noon-10 p.m. and Friday-Saturday from 12 Noon-11 p.m. Visit or call 278-5111.

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