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Warding off sickness during the fall and winter months can be a challenge. As colds and the flu run wild, encourage your children to share ideas, not germs, in the classroom, so they can stay happy and healthy this season.

Teaching your children about germs can help prevent the spread of common ailments. Here are some tips for avoiding illness at school:

Boost Your Child’s Immune System. Arm your child with the best weapon out there—their own immune system. Strengthen your kid’s immunity to germs with daily exercise, nutritious food and plenty of sleep.

Make Sure Your Child Sleeps Well. Nothing will boost your child’s ability to stay happy and healthy more than sleep. Sleep recharges vital mental and physical functions like productivity, energy and, most importantly, your child’s immune system.

Encourage Your Child to Keep Their Hands Away from Their Face. Your child touches up to 300 surfaces in just 30 minutes, most of which host bacteria. When they touch their face, especially their mouth, eyes and nose, they spread those germs instantly. Remind your child to keep their fingers away from their face until they wash their hands.

Wash Hands Regularly. The number one way to keep germs at bay is to encourage your child to wash their hands as soon as they get home from school. Since most children view handwashing as just another chore, mix things up and make it fun: pick a fun song to sing while they wash up, use scented soap or attach a personal hand sanitizer to their backpack.

Ensure Your Child Gets a Flu Shot. Most children would rather take on the monster under the bed than get their flu shot. But while the discomfort of the shot is temporary, the benefits can last over six months. Think of this vaccine as your child’s first line of defense against those persistent germs.

Safeguard Your Child’s Health at School. Don’t let the flu season get the best of your family. Promote healthy habits with your kids at home and teach them how to translate those skills into the classroom. You’ll be glad you did.

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