Shannon Carlton’s new book, Manifest Your Vision with Grace, Gratitude and Growth, women entrepreneurs’ guide to getting unstuck and creating the lives they desire using vision boards, is now available on Amazon.

Shannon Carlton invites women entrepreneurs to dream digger in her first book, Manifest Your Vision with Grace, Gratitude and Growth, a guide to getting unstuck and creating the life you desire using vision boards, available now on Amazon.

So many times women entrepreneurs allow ‘surviving’ to get in the way of their dreams. They can use this book as a tool to help transform their lives into ones that are inspired and impactful.

It is entirely possible to create a vision board and never find what you are looking for in the real world. A study in Psychology Today actually suggested that vision boards can be harmful because simply staring at your vision board won’t get you very far. You have to put your plans into action.

That is where Carlton’s new book comes in. Her book is designed to help the reader create the life she wants to live by constructing a vision board and then digging deep into setting goals and creating habits that will take her closer to her vision.

This practical guide helps women identify their vision in four quadrants of life (health and wellness, life’s work, relationships and time and money freedom) and gives them practical steps in each section to get them closer to their vision each and every day.

Carlton, who was an advertising sales representative for the Osprey Observer prior to opening her business, CoWork Landing in Brandon, said that, “Once you create your vision board and begin the process of working toward your vision, not only will you be more motivated to make significant changes in your routines, you will absolutely change your life and the lives of your family because of your vision.”

Carlton is a first-time author, vision board trainer, accountability coach and coworking space owner. Along with owning her coworking space, she has helped women envision their lives for the past four years with vision boards and accountability training. Her goal with this book is to encourage women small business owners everywhere to dream big and keep their vision in the forefront of their life.

Order the book on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. You can also work with Carlton one-on-one or set up a vision board workshop with your group or company. Contact Carlton at or 924-4679.

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