Rachel Napoli has been teaching for 2 years.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?
I was coaching softball and my experiences with my players inspired me to help more children in different ways.

What is a goal of yours as a teacher?
To educate children to be the best versions of themselves and be the knowledge they need to be successful in their future.

What is one of your hidden talents?
I build strong relationships with my students.

What would be something your students would be surprised to find out about you?
That they inspire me more than I could ever do for them.

What is your favorite book and why?
Any historical autobiography novels because I enjoy learning about the important figures.

How do you show your school spirit?
I coach and encourage the students to get involved in extracurricular activities.

What is your favorite food in your school’s cafeteria?
Pizza dippers.

What would be an embarrassing moment you’ve had as a teacher?
I locked myself out of my classroom and had to get another teacher to open my door.

Do you have any hobbies?
Spending time with my husband doing outdoor activities, coaching and finding new coffee shops to enjoy!

What would you like to see changed in the schools?
I wish we had the funds to ensure all of our students always have what they need and the technology resources.

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