“Be encouraged, do not be afraid, the Lord your God is with you wherever you may go,” (Joshua 1:9).

Although many may have been taken by surprise over the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, this is no surprise to our God! We are a family of FAITH and not of fear and tragedy! We speak life and hold fast to the Word and Promises of God!

Although we may not be able to gather in our buildings, we ARE the Church. Be reminded, this is where we shine our brightest!

We encourage believers to pray wherever you go, whether driving in your cars, at the stores and in your neighborhoods. Release a word of encouragement over those you encounter: cashiers, delivery workers and mail carriers. Don’t be afraid to pray for one another.

We are the light and salt of the world. Follow government guidelines and take proper precautions to protect yourselves and your families, but do not be afraid; we serve a mighty God that is in control.

We have The Solution, the love of Christ that others need too.

While we gather in our homes, we also have the opportunity to change generations as our children and grandchildren witness how WE pray, praise and worship the Lord in the midst of these difficult situations.

Although our gatherings and events may be on hold, our God isn’t!

From our family at MCR, know that we are here to serve you and are praying for you and your loved ones. May our God be revealed in a mighty way to those everywhere. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen.

God bless you and your families. We love you!

Kathleen Nicosia, Outreach Coordinator

Ministerio Casa Restauración can be reached at 553-9000. Visit www.mcr4you.org.

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