By Jason Blanchard

As in life, golf has its ups and downs, rights and lefts, but it always gives you a goal to shoot for. It is a sport available to all ages and all walks of life.

My entire life has revolved around the game of golf, from my first lesson at age 10 to now running one of the local area golf courses. Hopefully my knowledge and insight about the world of golf can provide you with a better perspective on the game that so many love and so many love to hate.

The game of golf is rich in its history and integrity. To this day, golf is still the only sport in which a player actually calls penalties on themselves. Although everyone isn’t always 100 percent honest on their scorecard, the game does have rules for a reason and provides a fair playing field for all.

In life, we all have aspirations; when you’re able to meet them, the satisfaction is immeasurable. Sometimes we achieve that elusive hole in one and other times we just get stuck in the sand and can’t seem to escape. As frustrating as it can be at times, all you need is that one perfect shot to bring you back time and again.

Monthly Tip: Let’s touch on the most important part of the game, putting. Think about it; if you are a great golfer, almost half of your shots will be spent on the green, yet most people only want to practice with their driver, which they will maybe use 14 times during a round.

I know practicing putting is boring, but try to make it fun by setting up your own putting course on the practice green. Putting is about feel, and the more you practice, the better your feel. Just by practicing with your putter as much as the driver, you will notice your score go down.

We look forward to your comments or questions about this game and the world that surrounds it. These articles are for you, our readers, so please feel free to email me at Until next month.

Jason Blanchard, PGA manages the 18-hole Summerfield Crossings Golf Club as the COO/General Manager. The course opened in 1987 and was designed by Ron Garl. Visit

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