The Friday night league is a new addition of the Dynamo this year formed for younger, more competitive players.

Originally known as the Valrico Soccer Club, the Tampa Dynamo Adult Soccer League has been a big part of the Riverview community since 2012. The league games and practices are held at the Summerfield Soccer Complex on 11942 Big Bend Rd. in Riverview.

The league is in the midst of registration for Spring 2020. March 6 is the season start date for the Friday Adult Co-ed Competitive League, and March 8 marks the beginning of the Sunday Coed Recreational League.

All proceeds from the adult league support the youth soccer effort at the Tampa Dynamo Futbol Club. Many of the players in the league have children who play in the youth league, and as the years have passed, several of the children have grown up and joined the adult league.

The Friday night league is a new addition of the Dynamo this year. It was primarily formed for young players who wanted to play more competitively. This co-ed league is for players that are 19 years old and up. It allows players to either register alone or register with their own already assembled team.

The format is nine vs. nine on a U12-sized field. The games have two 30-minute halves, and the season consists of 10 games with two additional playoff weeks. The game times for each week are at 7 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. For the Friday league, there must be at least one female player on the field at all times.

“This league is a great way to get exercise while having fun,” said Chrissy Riker, who runs the Friday league. “Whatever your age or skill level, it’s never too late to start. Soccer is good for both the mind and the body.”

The Sunday night league has a different format than the Friday night league. It is for women 18 years old and up and men 25 years and up. While many of the players are very skilled, the level of play is not as intense as the competitive league. Since the teams are built by the league administrators, skilled players are on every team with the focus on having balanced teams.

The games consist of two 40-minute halves, played with 11 players per side on a modified full-sized field. The Sunday league has a total of 12 games with no playoffs. Each team is typically made up of at least one-third female players, and all players must substitute out gender neutrally.

“The Tampa Dynamo Adult Soccer League provides a fun way for adults of all ages and skill levels to get exercise and meet other people in the community,” said Karen Drago Felts, who runs the Sunday league.

Registration for both leagues is open. The Friday league cost is $100 per player. There isn’t a sub list for the Friday league because it follows competitive rules. The cost for the Sunday league is $120 per player.

There is a sub list for players who can’t sign up to play on a team but can make some of the games. The subs are utilized when team players miss a game due to illness or other commitments. Sub list players pay $35, which includes the county-required insurance and their first game. Sub list players must pay $5 per week when asked to play.

You can register to play with either or both of the Tampa Dynamo Adult Spring 2020 Leagues at

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