Photo by Nancy Nahas. (L-R) Jim Delaney, Andrew Burdick and Kavier Nunez broadcasting the Bloomingdale vs. Lennard basketball game.

Stream Live Tampa is one of the very few streaming companies in Hillsborough County that broadcasts live high school sporting events online. Since January, the three-man team has covered at least one basketball game a week in the area to give the student-athletes the recognition they deserve while also filling a need for local high school sports coverage that the area lacks for the most part.

They have covered games at Lennard, Bloomingdale, Durant, Newsome, Plant City, Riverview and Strawberry Crest in the east/south areas of Hillsborough County.

Kavier Nunez started streaming the Lennard High School baseball games last spring as a hobby to record his son Yo-yo Nunez’s games. After his son graduated, Nunez began plans to extend his coverage of the area and to also add some sportscasters to the mix to help spice up the broadcasts.

Local school teacher and friend Jim Delaney joined Nunez as a partner and became the voice of Stream Live Tampa in January. The 34-year Valrico resident is a former Bloomingdale baseball player (class of 1990) who previously had his own recruiting service and has been involved in youth sports through his daughter. Delaney had the sporting connections that Stream Live Tampa needed to help further the business.

“We do this for the kids,” said Delaney. “Kids love it, parents love it, coaches love it and it is fun for us, we have a blast doing it. At the end of the day, it’s all about the community.”

Nunez and Delaney also added former Lennard quarterback and basketball player Andrew Burdick to the team as a broadcaster. Burdick is a teacher at Brooks DeBartolo and he also owns a sports performance company called AB Sports Performance in Apollo Beach.

The trio didn’t have any prior experience producing broadcasts, but they learned from watching nationally televised games. They all talk daily about ideas to expand the business and discuss which games they will cover next through a group text.

They started covering the 2019-2020 basketball season in January. Delaney interviews coaches on the day of the game for background information on the teams and players.

The crew hopes to gain more sponsors in order to expand coverage and upgrade equipment. They would eventually like to have enough crew members to cover two games a night instead of just one. Delaney also pointed out that this service can be beneficial for players because a college coach could be watching the broadcast and might gain interest in recruiting a player.

“My goal is for Steam Live Tampa to be the livestreaming service provider for Tampa and the local area, and eventually local colleges for the out-of-state family and fans, while at the same time becoming trusted business partners in the Greater Tampa Bay area,” said Nunez. “We want to do multiple broadcasts in the future.”

Subscribe to their YouTube channel, Stream Live Tampa, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter to view a livestream.

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Nick Nahas
Nick Nahas has written for the Osprey Observer since 2016. He has lived in the Valrico area since 2002 and has his bachelor’s degree in mass communications from the University of South Florida. He is dedicated to covering sports in Hillsborough County at every level.