Twice each year, UF/IFAS Extension in Hillsborough County sponsors a Recycled Yard Art Contest, one at the Florida State Fair and one at the Hillsborough County Fair. The purpose of the Recycled Yard Art Contest is to increase environmental awareness and encourage reusing/recycling materials into yard art.

The competition involved two and three-dimensional artwork creations made from items already used for their original purpose. During the twelve days of the 2020 Florida State Fair, attendees voted for the People’s Choice Award on one of several entries submitted.

After counting 9,439 votes, the People’s Choice Award winner is Andy Hamilton for his ‘Chain Gang Dragon,’ which he created with chains, a ceiling fan and lug nuts.

Nicolette Tiedemann won the Judge’s Choice Award for Adult Submissions. Her creation, ‘The Fabulous Ghost Trio Dancers,’ included a seedpod, tulle material, hangers and a can lid.

Unfortunately, there were no high school submissions this year; however, next year is around the corner!

The Middle School Judge’s Choice Award winner, Greco Middle School, designed ‘Bloomin’ Tubes,’ which involved plastic bottles and printer tubes.

The Judge’s Elementary School Choice Award goes to Mueller Elementary. Its artwork entry, ‘Clear Skies of Tomorrow: How Recycling Can Improve the Air, Land and Water,’ was made with reused bottle caps, plastics and plywood.

All contest-winning entries were on display at the UF/IFAS Extension Service on 5339 CR 579 in Seffner until March 23. We hope you will stop by to stroll through the Bette S. Walker Discovery Garden, and see what we have to offer.

This year, we welcomed yet another group of creative residents. In every contest, there are items we would love to have in our landscapes. We hope you will consider submitting an entry for the Hillsborough County Fair Recycled Yard Art Contest in the fall. Contact Lisa Meredith for more information about this upcoming contest at or 744-5519, extension 54146.

Thanks for Reusing, Recycling and Repeating!

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