Kayla and Anna Massey created chalk artwork.

Michelle Quessenberry, owner of No Place Like Home Pet Sitting, was walking a client’s dog in a FishHawk neighborhood and noticed colorful messages drawn on the sidewalk. As she approached for a closer look, she was surprised to see the inspirational notes of hope and encouragement:

“Take it one step at a time.”

“The world is yours.”

“Stay Hopeful.”

Apparently, throughout neighborhoods across the community, students are spreading positivity and hope with the creation of artistic messages on sidewalks and driveways during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During a very stressful time for children and parents, these messages are brightening up the communities and bringing people ‘together’ during a time of isolation. This phenomenon, or ‘chalkspiration,’ is beginning to take shape in neighborhoods everywhere.

When Quessenberry returned home to her neighborhood in Riverview that afternoon, she saw more artwork adorning the driveways and sidewalks.

“We have some great artists here,” said Quessenberry.

Riverview resident Orlando Hernandez was flying his drone and came across an amazing piece of art in his neighbor’s driveway.

“One of my
neighbors created a stained-glass piece on the driveway with a message—‘God is Greater,’” said Hernandez.

In an additional effort to stay connected, another local community is inviting neighbors to decorate their front doors or window with hearts. Using the hashtag #aworldofhearts, Jennifer MacMenomay encouraged neighbors to take a nice, socially-distanced stroll around the block to feel the love.

“It may feel like we are a world apart, but maybe instead we can fill this void with #aworldofhearts,” said MacMenomay on her Facebook post.

Other neighborhoods are starting a bear hunt for kids and families that are going on walks during the quarantine. Everyone who wants to participate is asked to put a teddy bear in a window—either a stuffed bear or a bear picture. As families walk through the neighborhood, they can go on a bear hunt.

For even more artwork that is circling around the globe, parents are encouraged to submit their child’s art on a public Facebook group called Corona Sunshine, started by Jenny Heying from Tampa.

To see the amazing artwork that is added each day, visit Corona Sunshine on Facebook.

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