The inaugural class of the GWC Young Women’s Leadership Council.

In such a connected culture, it has never been more important for young girls to develop a strong sense of positive self-esteem. Nancy Lemon, founder and CEO of Girls with Confidence (GWC), recognized the need for programs that helped girls navigate the challenging period of adolescence where peer pressure, body image and decision-making cause stress.

Since its inception in 2011, GWC has grown to a staff of 15 with chapters all over the Tampa Bay area, as well as Pittsburg, Pensacola and even Uganda. Furthermore. Lemon is thrilled to announce the opening of its very own center later this year, which will make its programming even more accessible and exciting for the community.

The new center is located at the intersection of Lithia Pinecrest and Browning Rd. behind the fire station in what they lovingly call “The Barn.” Slated to open this summer, this new space will allow for more classes, events for mothers and daughters, ladies’ nights out and birthday parties.

Dantys Bohan, mother of twin girls, explained the need for GWC: “They spend time learning about important values such as true friendship, acceptance, kindness and self-confidence. I love that it is a drama-free environment filled with great conversations, crafts, games, learning and love. It’s truly a safe place filled with friendly faces and open hearts.”

Instructor Kristy Hendricks said, “GWC gives girls a safe space to share their stories, thoughts and fears. It allows them to connect with other girls in their school or community that they otherwise would not have the chance to know. Forever friendships are being formed at every workshop, camp or event.”

Lemon is especially excited for her high school girls: “We just this year established a program for high school girls called Young Women’s Leadership Council—a mentorship program.”

Lucey Gagner, another instructor, added, “GWC brings together groups of girls with positive women role models where they can openly discuss these challenges, build an excellent support group, learn to build each other up and proudly express themselves.”

In November 2019, Lemon announced the creation of her 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the Confidence & Leadership Foundation.

For more info, pricing, scholarship opportunities, visit Girls with Confidence will soon be located at 10540 Browning Rd. in Lithia.

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