FishHawk resident Tonia Johnson recently published her book, Distinct Arrows.

As a mother of two and an ordained minister, FishHawk resident Tonia Johnson’s experiences and insights provide assistance to help parents in teaching their children the right values and principles today. Her concern grew for the generations that will follow.

To encourage and exhort readers to discover the impact they have to their children, Johnson penned a book to guide them during a child’s developmental years by highlighting gospel truths.

Johnson is a mother, mentor, ordained minister and an Army spouse alongside her husband during his numerous worldwide assignments. She has served in various leadership positions within Family Readiness Groups in the U.S. military and NATO. Johnson has also been a two-term school advisory committee chairperson for the Department of Defense Dependents School and an Army Family Action Plan delegate. The recipient of numerous military awards, Johnson and her husband, Miciotto (Col. – Ret.), have two adult children.

Distinct Arrows (published by WestBow Press) was created to assist parents and caregivers in directing their child from childhood to adulthood. In the book, Johnson offers advice, grounded by the Bible, to help parents in being the best they can be. This particular source will help them enhance their parenting skills in temporal and spiritual aspects of life.

“As I continuously monitor current events across our nation and the world, I felt an internal push to speak to parents and caregivers by highlighting spiritual truths that may help them mentor and guide their children in every stage of growth and bring hope to families and others who remain loyal to generational behaviors,” Johnson said.

Lastly, Distinct Arrows aims to change the perspective of deeply rooted generational ways of thinking, even of one who does not have a child.

“Parents and those without children will also discover how their lives were impacted by positive and negative decisions or experiences during their developmental years,” Johnson added.

Distinct Arrows is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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