Jake Judson is making 3D-printed face shields and donating them to local hospitals and healthcare workers.

Jake Judson of FishHawk isn’t your average 13-year-old. While most teens are adjusting to homeschooling and finding things to keep themselves busy while self-isolating with their families, Judson is using his time helping our healthcare workers fight COVID-19.

Judson is making 3D-printed face shields and donating them to local hospitals and healthcare workers.

“We had a few deaths in our family at the beginning of 2020 and I wanted to do something to help because I wanted to make my mark on 2020 and not have 2020 leave its mark on me,” Judson said.

After Judson got his 3D printer, he joined a Facebook group called Print the Curve Flat. On this page, he found the inspiration to put his printer to good use for our healthcare workers.

“They had a universal file for the visor of the shield and I thought it looked pretty cool, so I printed one,” Judson said. “I liked the way it came out and so did my family, so they encouraged me to print more of them, so I did.”

Judson’s dad, Chris, is a dentist and his practice at FishHawk Family Dental has a partnership with Apex Office Supply.

“When I told Apex what Jake was doing, they donated the plastic blinder,” Chris said.

When Judson saw a post on Reddit about some people making 3D-printed face shields and donating them to healthcare workers, he knew he had to join the cause.

“I thought this was a cool thing to do and I wanted to help the people who help us,” Judson said.

Judson made 350 face shields in just two weeks and his face shields have been donated to Tampa General Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital and to medical offices in the Brandon area.

“When I printed out my first face shield, it took my printer an hour to do one,” Judson said. “I made some adjustments to my printer so it could print two in an hour.”

He even enlisted his mom, Joy, and sister, Avery, to help as well.

“They had a little production line going at our house,” Chris said.

Chris and Joy are extremely proud of both of their children for helping our healthcare workers.

“I think it’s fantastic that people of all ages can contribute,” Chris said. “If anything, this time has shown how resourceful we as a community and country can be.”

To learn more about Print the Curve Flat or if you are in need of a shield, visit www.facebook.com/groups/906708149774352/about.

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