Welcome to our fourth episode of Osprey Observer TV! We’ve stacked another show with two great interviews of local businesses doing great things and making their mark. We first talk to Jill Andrew, Director of Marketing of Tessera Brandon to talk about how they’ve navigated keeping their residents safe from the Coronavirus, entertained during the quarantine, and connected physically and virtually to their loved ones during this crisis.

Our second interview is a different type of business making its mark in the community. Chill Cawfee is not your average local coffee shop. Offering healthy teas, coffees, and kombucha this “cawfee” shop brings a whole new element to the coffee store game: CBD. You can get the natural extract in any of your chosen drinks, and if you’re unsure of exactly what it is, they’re ready to educate you on the cannabis extract. In addition, they have an event space that can be used for community events and meetings. Learn all that and more in our latest episode of Osprey Observer TV!

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Marie Gilmore
Marie is the Managing Editor at the Osprey Observer. She covers news, transportation, education and likes to make a positive impact on the community and be 'in the know'!