The Oxford English Dictionary defines a father as “a man who gives care and protection to someone or something.” To many children, a father is the smartest, strongest, fastest and most handsome man in the world. As children grow into adults, and if they have a kind father or father figure in their lives, they often consider that person as their role model, hero and support system.

On Sunday, June 21, we will recognize and celebrate Father’s Day. This day may be painful for some who have lost their dad or perhaps grew up without one, but God is always the ultimate Father, with absolute love, forgiveness and understanding.

Regardless of your current circumstances this Father’s Day, know that God the Father loves you without condition. Deuteronomy 1:31: “There you saw how the Lord your God carried you, as a father carries his son…”

The 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers: Becoming the Father Your Children Need
By Ken R. Canfield, PhD

This faith-based book is written in both an easy-to-understand and practical manner. It’s the first book to analyze the habits and characteristics of fathers across the country. Learn from the secrets collected from ordinary dads who are considered by professionals, peers and their churches to be effective fathers.

What God Wants Every Dad to Know: The Most Important Principles You Can Teach
By James Merritt

Through a personable and engaging style, this book offers fathers invaluable life principles from the Book of Proverbs that can be passed on to their children. The advice of King Solomon on finances, work, friendships, faith and other important values are as important today as they were years ago. It encourages dads to teach godly wisdom to their children in this increasingly secular world.

Brave Dad: Raising Your Kids to Love and Follow God
By John MacArthur

Become a ‘dad who leads’ and leave a godly legacy for your children, grandchildren and the generations that follow. This best-selling book shares time-tested wisdom on the importance of prioritizing your marriage relationship, nurturing faith and obedience, providing loving and effective discipline, avoiding common parenting mistakes and recognizing the power and blessing entrusted to fathers.

The Dad Book
By Jay Payleitner

From a veteran ‘Dadmeister’ of five grown kids comes a handy, humorous volume of bite-size readings to help you become the best dad you can be. Get man-to-man advice on how to engage your kids, pick-me-up reminders that God is parenting in the trenches with you, tips for teaching children by showing instead of telling and other practical help for dads.

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