Millions across America and in our region are struggling with loneliness and isolation in the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and Next Level Church has decided to step in and make a difference for people throughout the community who have either been impacted by the virus or are serving on the front lines.

People, churches and organizations are looking for ways to do something meaningful and impactful while maintaining social distancing, and that’s why Next Level Church came up with the idea of sending letters to residents of nursing homes and other isolated environments as well as in support of doctors, nurses, the police, firefighters, the National Guard and grocery workers, among others.

The church is providing ready-to-print letterheads and templates for people to follow and already has received nearly 6,000 requests for letters from community organizations in just a few days. We are even sending a letter of hope to every firefighter in Hillsborough county!

Next Level Church Lead Pastor Joshua Gagnon said, “There has been a huge response from community leaders asking for the letters immediately and we feel that this is a tangible way that anyone can make a difference safely. We are simply trying to be a conduit between those in need and those willing to meet the need for community and connections in this unprecedented challenge.”

“We have always believed that the most important thing we can offer to our community is love and care. Before anyone wants to hear us teach a message or speak about hope and love, they want to see those things in action,” added Pastor Gagnon.

The staff, led by Pastor Gagnon, who is also the author of a new book called It’s Not Over: Leaving Behind Disappointment and Learning to Dream Again, and volunteers at all of Next Level’s locations are accepting requests for more letters and are also looking for more volunteers to help in writing them.

If you want to learn more or sign up, you can visit today.

To watch Next Level Church’s online church services, visit Next Level Church Online at and choose from one of the many times available.


Next Level Church is a multisite church with locations throughout the East Coast and at Church Online famous for its annual Helicopter Egg Drop among many other generous, community-oriented events and has been named one of the fastest growing churches in America five times.

The church was founded by Pastor Joshua Gagnon, author of It’s Not Over: Leaving Behind Disappointment and Learning to Dream Again, and has become known for its authenticity, creativity and ability to be relevant to all people.

You can learn more about Next Level Church at

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