Dr. Casey Lynn treats patients at SmileLYNN Pediatric Dentistry in Apollo Beach and has recently launched his practice to include Tampa Tongue-Tie Center.

A tongue and/or lip-tie is a physical condition where the use of the tongue or lip is limited. These can cause issues with eating, sleeping and speaking and increase the risk for cavities. It is estimated that 20 percent of newborns have some sort of tongue-tie. Sometimes the tie can be ‘clipped’ in the hospital or pediatrician office.

Although this can help, there may be an incomplete release and no post-op therapy guidance. This could lead to scarring, reattachment and difficulty with breastfeeding. In addition, there could be future issues, including problems with speech, sleeping and breathing.

Dr. Casey Lynn of SmileLYNN Pediatric Dentistry in Apollo Beach has recently launched Tampa Tongue-Tie Center to address the issues related to tongue and lip-ties.

“Performing tongue and lip-tie surgeries are some of the most rewarding procedures I do as a pediatric dentist,” said Dr. Lynn. “I love to hear that the procedure has been ‘life changing.’”

“I became interested in tongue-ties during my pediatric residency,” said Dr. Lynn. “After residency, I wanted to learn more hands on, and luckily I worked as an associate for Dr. Frank Sierra in Tampa. He has been working with mothers and infants for years doing laser frenectomies, so it was an amazing learning experience. He was an awesome teacher and mentor, which has allowed me to continue helping families in my own practice.”

Utilizing a non-touch CO2 laser, Dr. Lynn can release a tongue or lip-tie in under 20 seconds with almost no bleeding, minor discomfort and quick healing. After the procedure, many parents notice that their babies are not only gaining weight but also no longer have gas/colic and are sleeping more.

According to Dr. Lynn, one of the most important steps of the process is post-release. Every baby treated at the Tampa Tongue-Tie Center has already been evaluated by a lactation consultant and usually a pediatrician.

Recently, the office has reopened and is strictly adhering to all of the latest CDC guidelines.

“Our office was focused on longer appointment times, patient safety and providing an amazing experience to all of our parents and patients prior to COVID,” said Dr. Lynn. “We have streamlined all of our practice systems to decrease the need to contact in the office (touchless forms, consents and payment options).”

Visit www.tonguetietb.com or call 591-3052. SmileLYNN Pediatric Dentistry is located at 122 Harbor Village Ln. in Apollo Beach.

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