Busch Gardens giraffe Bea recently gave birth to a baby at the park.

By Kye Saunders

The Busch Gardens staff and giraffe herd welcomed a new baby boy earlier this month. The baby’s mother, Bea, is known by the internet as the best friend of Wilma the Ostrich.

Bea and Wilma are some of the many animals born at Busch Gardens that now live in the park’s 65-arce Serengeti plain exhibit. But don’t worry, this is not an exhibit only for our long-necked animal friends, like Bea and Wilma, the area is also home to elephants, rhinos and now a baby giraffe.

After a 15-month long pregnancy, Bea gave birth to her son standing up. Although it is a 6-foot drop to the ground after the baby finally emerges, Bea and her son are healthy and bonding. Bea has brought in another bundle of joy to call Busch Gardens home.

So, when can we see mother and son on the Serengeti Express train that goes around the park?

“Right now, the most important thing for Bea and her calf is to spend time bonding together. The calf and his mother will rejoin the herd on the Serengeti plain in a couple months,” said Rebecca Romzek, Busch Gardens public relations representative.

If the wait feels too long, then don’t worry, you can receive updates on Bea and her baby along with all of the other wonderful animals at the park through Busch Gardens’ Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages as well as its website, www.buschgardens.org.

Despite the challenges COVID-19 brought to all business, Busch Gardens hasn’t changed its dedication to its animals and guests.

“At Busch Gardens, the safety of our guests, employees and animals has always been our top priority. Even during these unusual times, our animals continue to enjoy world-class care from their dedicated teams of animal experts,” said Romzek.

These are the same team of experts that helped Bea welcome in her new son safely into the world.

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