After reading his father’s life story, William Ogden was inspired to write a biography on his father’s life and began writing and self-publishing Dangerous Encounters.

By Jadon Khor

With families stuck at home and social distancing, some are finding themselves lost, away from the magic of the outside world. Yet Brandon author William Ogden offers an escape to a world of enigma and adventure with mystery novella Parasite or What?.

Parasite or What? stands as the second installment of the mystery novella series Dangerous Encounters, where Tampa Bay backdrops a story of technological dangers and love; the sequel tackles the rise of drone technology and its potential dangers in modern society.

The book is truly a page-turning, invigorating read filled with romance and shock, one that takes the mind away from the current world and into one that fills the familiar with the unknown.

Following his first novella, Heaven or What?, based on his former home in North Carolina, Ogden, he was inspired to continue exploring his characters through a second installment of the Dangerous Encounters: Raymond Williams, Stella Artists and Chuck Miller. But Ogden wanted to take his characters away from North Carolina and down south to his current home: Tampa Bay.

“I included the Tampa Bay area in this book because my family and I have lived in the Tampa area since July 1989 and love it here,” he said.

While writing Paradise or What?, Ogden was sure and careful to include mentions of specific locations in the area, including several local restaurants and public spaces, in order to truly immerse his readers in the scene. Local community members will certainly have a blast coming across their favorite spots in town while curled up and reading.

In making his readers anticipated for the next installment, Ogden said he expanded upon his writing to create a stronger and more mysterious story. “I just wanted them to have a feeling of suspense.”

Because of this new direction, Ogden said, “the first [novella] was more murder mystery, and the second [novella] was more of a who’s doing what.”

Through this change in writing style, he said he hopes to keep his readers suspended and engaged.

Though Ogden has just released his latest story, expect more from the Dangerous Encounters series, as he said he plans on writing the third installment, though right now he is working on his autobiography in parallel to the novels.

Paradise or What? is currently released on Amazon, where it can be found under the books section of the store.

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