Paula Pizarro, owner of Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.

By Anjali Caligiuri

“According to the National Car Accident Statistics, car accidents are the leading cause of death in kids between 2 and 14,” said Paula Pizarro, owner of Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.

Car seats may seem like a no-brainer to most people but Brandon resident Pizarro is here to remind parents and caretakers of the vital importance of proper car seat installation. Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond is hosting free car seat inspection classes by appointment in the Brandon area to ensure parents can provide the utmost safety while their children are in the car.

At first glance, buckles and straps don’t seem to be a difficult feat; however, there are a surprising amount of problems that may arise.

“If they have a seat belt and are not ready for it, they can suffer spinal injuries, internal injuries and so much more,” said Pizarro.

The consequences of improper car seat installations can seem frightening and overwhelming, but Pizarro has instructed many parents on the correct safety measures and included tips along the way. Helpful notes such as making sure to not use the mirrors that attach to the headrest so as to not become a potential projectile in a car accident keep parents engaged and prepared for the next car ride.

But car seats aren’t the only hazardous dangers for babies that parents should know about; Pizarro teaches many other classes, including a two-hour child and infant safety class.

These classes cover a wide array of potential threats to a child and how to safely handle and protect them from further danger, such as “Poisoning, safe plants, choking, falls, overheating, safe sleep, hair tourniquets, things kids swallow like magnets and the dangers in your home,” said Pizarro.

As the coronavirus is still necessitating social distancing, the classes are appointment only, one family at a time, with face masks and hand sanitizer readily available.

To book an appointment for a class or to find out more about baby or infant health, dangers to children or child seat safety, call 294-0990, email or visit

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