Trey Glaser, an avid bike racer, recently opened his own bike shop in FishHawk Ranch.

By Laura Tamayo

Trey Glaser is a 12-year-old entrepreneur who opened up a bike shop in his own home to make this summer an exciting, productive one, despite all the current outside stressors.

The bike shop is located in the subdivision Ibis Park in FishHawk Ranch and began business in the second week of June. Glaser is able to complete a variety of renovations and fix multiple different technical issues in bikes, skateboards and scooters.

“I’m able to fix, adjust and replace breaks. I’m able to replace tubes and tires. I can build a bike if someone just got new parts and needs it built. I can also replace the chain, wash and lube it and deliver it as well as pick it up,” explained Glaser.

His prices range from $5 for everything (including delivery) other than washing and lubing, which is $10, and a full bike build, which is $20.

Glaser said that he mainly learns how to fix certain vehicular issues from watching videos, but he also works on his friends’ bikes often. These things, combined, have allowed him to understand bicycles and similar vehicles further and successfully determine what needs to be done in order to return, or build, the vehicle to tip-top condition.

On why he began the business in the first place, Glaser stated, “I have always loved bikes and was always fixing my friends’ bikes, so I figured, why not turn it into a job?”

He also participates in bike racing in the Tampa area, which contributes to his appreciation for bicycles.

Per week, Glaser said that he receives four customers and estimated that his average profit is $50. This money is used to buy new bike parts or new tools. He expressed that he also plans to save up the money in order to purchase something more significant, such as a brand-new bike for himself.

Although the money is a big benefit for Glaser, he said that he has learned how to be professional in customer service and feels that is just as important as the money.

Contact 819-1155 if you want to find out more about this business or get your bike, skateboard or scooter fixed.

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