Riverview resident Robyn Locksley has self-published her first full-length novel called The Ocean In A Thunderstorm. You can get Locksley’s book on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle.

Lifelong Riverview resident Robyn Locksley has self-published her first novel, titled The Ocean In A Thunderstorm. Locksley’s book is available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle.

The Ocean In A Thunderstorm is about Aurora Bradley, who is left seeking solace after ending her ill-fated engagement. She takes a trip to visit family in a small Southern town, Hope’s Bluff, Georgia (population 3,744).

This visit gives her the perfect chance for a peaceful retreat. While there, a clandestine accident steers Aurora’s course to firefighter Brick Starling. The chemistry between them is undeniable, but the question is, are either of them ready for each other?

Locksley explained that she had always dreamed of writing her own book.

“I loved English class and reading, and I was always so captivated by the magic of a good book. The author can take readers to another place and time and invoke feelings in readers just by using words. I knew that one day I wanted to attempt that feat myself,” said Locksley.

Locksley further explained, “My inspiration for The Ocean In A Thunderstorm came from a blend of personal experiences and fiction filled in all the blanks. Like so many of us, I was quarantined due to the pandemic in April 2020. Taking advantage of the extra time at home, I was cleaning when I came across a long-lost typed story that had not seen the light of day in many years. Admittedly, it was in the roughest form of a rough draft possible. It still managed to stir so many emotions. I knew in that moment the story was meant for greater things than to sit on the top shelf of a spare room closet. Within two months, The Ocean In A Thunderstorm was published.”

Prior to publishing The Ocean In A Thunderstorm, Locksley had published eight volumes of a fan fiction titled Salvation on Amazon’s Kindle Worlds, a fan fiction platform that was dismantled in 2018.

Locksley said, “Self-publishing has been a very enlightening process. I definitely hit a few bumps in the road, but the journey was still far easier than I would have imagined.”

Locksley added, “With some hard work and dedication, dreams are possible. I am a testament to that fact.”

To get the book, please visit www.amazon.com.

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