Girls participating in a Girls With Confidence camp pose for a selfie.

By Faith Miller

Starting in 2011, Girls With Confidence has been an opportunity for girls of all ages to learn about self-confidence, leadership and empowerment. Founded and inspired by CEO Nancy Lemon, it has been able to offer programs and events for all age groups to help local girls in the area and all over the world.

The company offers programs for three different age groups, ‘Confident Girls,’ which is for grades kindergarten through fifth grade; ‘Girls with Leadership,’ for girls sixth through 12th grade; and finally ‘Confident Moms,’ a program that offers support for mothers through different events and programs. It is also beginning to offer empowerment-themed birthday parties and help with virtual schooling, along with select virtual camps and events.

Confident Girls includes a variety of different programs, such as after-school, girls’ nights out and several other events throughout the year. The after-school programs are typically available once a week either through the center or held at the school and average at about 10-20 girls. The organization also offers weeklong summer camps that range from half to full day.

Girls with Leadership has a very similar setup for after-school programs but offers more age-appropriate topics and typically meets once a month unless otherwise requested by the school, typically lasting eight to 10 weeks.

Girls With Confidence also offers a ‘Young Women’s Leadership Council.’ This is a yearlong program focused on helping girls decide their plans after high school, possible college majors to look into, learning responsibility, how to do job interviews and more. The program also provides each girl with her own mentor who is a local businesswoman in the area.

Confident Moms offers support for mothers along with several events like ‘Moms’ Night Out’ and ‘Coffee with Confidence.’ These events allow moms to gather and talk about current situations they are dealing with in either their own or their daughters’ lives and get the support they need.

“The parents or the girls might not see it now, but as girls have gone through the program, I’ve really seen huge change with many of them,” stated Lemon.

For more information on camps, events and programs, visit or one of its many social media platforms. Information is also available on the website about Girls With Confidence’s nonprofit organization, ‘Confidence & Leadership Foundation.’

The nonprofit helps support possible scholarship opportunities for its programs and the expansion of its programs throughout the world.

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