Teagan Friendshuh, owner of wild[flower], a bath bomb business.

By Anjali Caligiuri

When the world went into quarantine, people began to pick up hobbies to pass all the idle time. Local middle school student Teagan Friendshuh decided to start making bath bombs for fun, but she certainly didn’t anticipate her hobby would turn into a small business.

With the help of her mom, Sara, and social media, Teagan has made a name for herself in the FishHawk area selling her homemade bath bombs.

Friendshuh fell in love with aromatic bath bombs and enjoyed frequently buying them at the mall. However, when these bath time sensations began to break her budget, she faced a dilemma. Luckily, her parents gifted her with her own bath bomb kit and all its accessories to easily make her own bath bombs.

“I used to like going to the mall and shop there at a store for amazing bath bombs because I have super sensitive skin, but that got expensive. So for Christmas last year, my parents got me a bath bomb making kit and all the supplies I needed for making them. I just didn’t know I would use them,” said Friendshuh.

Her smallest size beginning at $1 and ranging up to her largest size at $3, Friendshuh has developed a wide variety of scents and sizes. With scents such as ‘Citrus’ and ‘Loyalty,’ her all-natural and organic bath bombs have caught lots of attention.

As the orders rolled in, Friendshuh’s business, which took on the name wild[flower], has developed and overtaken the kitchen space.

“I outgrew my mom and dad’s kitchen counter space and have a hallway where I keep all of my bath bombs. And now I may even have to move out to the garage. It has just gotten bigger than I would have ever thought,” said Friendshuh.

With her growing demand, Friendshuh has had to experiment and create new scents to add to her variety of products.

“I already have started to plan my scents for ‘Back to School,’ and then ‘Fall,’ and then ‘Holiday,’” said Friendshuh.

To discover more about Friendshuh and her bath bomb product line, visit Facebook @Sara Friendshuh, Instagram @just.a.handful and @wild[flower].

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