Anytime Fitness and The Dynamic Play have joined forces to offer local residents affordable childcare when they work out at Anytime Fitness or if they want to enjoy some of the entertainment Park Square Plaza has to offer the FishHawk community.

Ron Rigaud is the owner of Anytime Fitness and Casey Warych is the owner of The Dynamic Play, both located in Park Square Plaza in Lithia. The two business owners wanted to join forces to offer local residents affordable childcare when they workout at Anytime Fitness or if they want to enjoy some of the entertainment the plaza has to offer.

“When we first talked about opening Anytime Fitness, we were bombarded with questions about offering childcare,” Rigaud said. “It just wasn’t part of our business model, but a lot of our members said they wish there was some sort of drop-in childcare for them.”

The Dynamic Play opened up next to Anytime Fitness and Rigaud stopped by to welcome Warych to the community. The two started chatting and came up with the idea of forming a partnership between the two businesses to offer affordable childcare for the gym’s members while the gym would offer a reasonably priced membership to Warych’s clients.

“It is super expensive to hire a babysitter just for an hour or two,” Warych said. “So, we really worked this out to where it’s very affordable. Our drop-in childcare session could be as low as eight dollars for two hours.”

Both Warych and Rigaud are finalizing the membership and childcare pricing.

The Dynamic Play opened in February and it is an indoor play studio focused on using expertly curated, scaled down versions of places visited with children daily. These scaled stations versions of everyday visited places allow children to use dramatic play to build upon their social skills, imaginations and fine-tune their motor skills.

Warych and Rigaud are both excited about this partnership, and it will begin in the next few weeks.

“Morning-time childcare will be offered 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and the evening time will go from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. to try and allow for the times Anytime Fitness’s classes are happening. We are also going to offer childcare on weekend mornings as well.”

To learn more about Anytime Fitness, visit or call 438-8474. Anytime Fitness is located at 16144 Churchview Dr., Ste. 201 (second floor) in Lithia.

To learn more about The Dynamic Play, visit or call 727-480-0179. The Dynamic Play is located at 16144 Churchview Dr., Ste. 202 in Lithia.

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