As movie theaters start to reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the question is: how is our safety ensured if we go to the movies? Xscape Theatres Riverview 14, Plant City Premiere LUX Ciné 8 and Pizza Pub and AMC Theatre’s Regency 20 and Riverview 14 GDX locations are well-prepared.

Xscape Theatres Riverview 14 recently reopened with new and improved protocols so that your time in the theater is the best it can be, including reduced capacity in auditoriums; staggered showtimes to reduce overcrowding and allow time to clean and sanitize; social distancing; frequent cleaning procedures for commonly touched areas and daily inspections of restrooms and auditoriums; and more.

Regarding concessions, food and drinks are still available, but common areas will be routinely disinfected, concession stands and kitchens will be sanitized every 30 minutes, every other register will be closed to maintain social distancing, free refills are unavailable for now, self-service condiment areas are closed and items like lids, straws, napkins and condiments are available by request.

Other policies for everyone include daily health screenings, required personal protection equipment and handwashing. Xscape staff will be given extensive training and daily updates to maintain and reiterate its new cleanliness and safety policies, and online ticketing and self-service ticketing kiosks are available.

Xscape’s other features and amenities include its Xtreme Xscape auditoriums, reserved seating, listening devices available, beer and wine, rewards program, theater rental and more. For Xtreme Xscape and 3D showings, tickets cost an extra $2.30. The theater also has Discount Tuesdays and Senior Discount Wednesdays, both being all-day tickets for $7.37.

Plant City Premiere LUX Ciné 8 has implemented safety measures for staff and guests, like employees washing their hands and changing gloves frequently, constant cleaning and disinfecting of high-contact surfaces, social distancing, requiring everyone to wear masks at all times (aside from when snacking during a movie), staying home for any signs of illness and many others.

As for snacking, there are limited menu items at this time, self-serve refill stations and free refills are temporarily suspended, Premiere Team members will fill your soda and ICEE cups for you and other new policies have been put into place, all to ensure safe food-handling.

For reserved seating, there is a 50 percent occupancy rule so that everyone in an auditorium has an empty seat on both sides, though friends and family can sit together. For non-reserved seating, every other row in an auditorium will be blocked off and guests are asked to space themselves out accordingly for everyone’s well-being.

Along with its enhanced policies, Plant City Premiere LUX Ciné 8 provides D-BOX and IMAX for more immersive experiences and offers ticket deals for lower prices, such as:
Special Opening Rate – All tickets for returning movies are only $5.43.

Special Prices (new movies) – Early Bird (before 12 p.m. daily) for $6.52, Terrific Tuesday (not valid on holidays and special premieres) for $5.43 and Senior Monday (60+, no holidays) for $5.43.

General Admission (new movies) – Adults (12+, after 6 p.m., Monday-Thursday) for $10.05, Weekend Adults (12+, after 6 p.m., Friday-Sunday) for $10.32, Children (any child that takes a seat—not valid for R-rated films) for $7.61 and Seniors (60+) for $7.61 matinees (all shows before 6 p.m.).

Digital 3D features cost an additional $2.50 per ticket. Premiere LUX Ciné 8 recommends that guests purchase tickets online in advance, and for further convenience it reduced the online fees to make this easier and more affordable.

AMC Regency 20 and AMC Riverview 14 GDX have a new set of extensive cleaning policies called AMC Safe & Clean™ to reduce contact and keep people safe, which go along well with their other great features and amenities.

These policies include: masks required for all guests and staff (except when enjoying food and drinks in the auditorium, but they must be worn when finished), social distancing standards, a simplified menu, sanitizer and wipe dispensers available in the theaters, refills being temporarily unavailable, frequent handwashing for the staff, daily temperature readings for staff, enhanced cleaning procedures developed with Clorox® and more.

All AMC, AMC DINE-IN™ and AMC CLASSIC® auditoriums will also have 40 percent capacity or less, with enough space between each row for proper social distancing. It also has ‘Welcome Back’ offers, such as 30 percent off tickets every day before 5 p.m.

AMC Theatres encourages guests to order tickets online ahead of time on its website or app to help reduce physical contact.

For more information about these theaters and their ticket prices, offers and safety policies, visit, and

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