Sumner High School, which opened in late August in Riverview, was recently named an official Cambridge AICE school, one of the first ever in Hillsborough County Public Schools.

Hillsborough County’s newest school, Sumner High School, recently received a very coveted distinction. The school, which opened its doors to students in late August, has been named an official Cambridge AICE school, one of the first ever in Hillsborough County Public Schools.

This innovative curriculum will be available to a cohort of students beginning this academic year as well as through Academy 2027, the sixth grade program at Sumner.

This is the first year the Cambridge International Program will be offered within Hillsborough County Public Schools. A Cambridge AICE diploma is recognized by the world’s best universities, setting a global standard for education. The curriculum is flexible, challenging and inspiring.

“This style of curriculum will unlock incredible potential within our students, cultivating a love of learning that will carry on even after high school. The Cambridge AICE program will provide another high-quality choice for families as we continue our quest to prepare our students for life,” said Superintendent Addison Davis.

Sumner High School is the largest high school the district has ever constructed at 265,000 square feet. This state-of-the-art, picturesque campus will house ninth to 11th grade students this first year, adding a senior class the next school year. Sumner is also home to an innovative, one-of-a-kind program called Academy 2027.

One cohort of 450 middle school students will move from grade to grade, beginning with sixth grade, with the same teachers each year until they enter the high school grade level. No other cohorts of middle school students will be added once these students move on to the high school grades. Over time, the school will have a total enrollment of about 2,800.

“I am excited to begin a new tradition of excellence with the Cambridge AICE program at Sumner. This is another tool we will use to develop our students’ critical and independent thinking skills, along with producing graduates who are immediately ready for college or the workforce,” said Principal Dave Brown.

The Cambridge AICE Diploma signifies that a student has mastered an in-depth knowledge of selected subjects, including a variety of math, science, languages arts and humanities. The Cambridge experience allows learners to focus on their individual interests while developing transferable skills to be career and college ready.

Sumner is located at 10650 County Rd. 672 in Riverview, in the fast-growing area of Southeastern Hillsborough County. For more information, visit

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