By Jasmine Haroun

A new Wheels for All chapter started in the Riverview area in late August.
Wheels for All (WFA) is a student-led nonprofit organization that repairs donated bikes and scooters and provides them to those in need.

The organization’s goal is to promote environmental sustainability, healthier lifestyles, education and transportation to as many people as possible. In the near future, they plan to do fundraisers with local businesses, as well as bike-a-thons and other projects to help promote education and community welfare.

WFA was created in Illinois by Aaryan Menon for the purpose of providing bikes to the in need. During mid-August, Menon collaborated with Ikshita Achanta, a student at Newsome High School, who is now Florida’s WFA chapter leader.

“This organization is focused on solving a problem that is often overlooked. The importance of transportation is taken for granted even though so many people do not have access to it and face many challenges to get from one place to another,” said Achanta.

There are currently three WFA chapters across the country located in Illinois, Florida and New Jersey, and WFA plans to expand into other states.

“I was very passionate about the idea and motivated to better the community. The cause was distinct and I personally felt that it would positively impact the community if a chapter was started in Florida. I was able to get a team of eager, diligent people willing to support the cause,” said Achanta.

Currently, there are nine members working in the WFA Florida chapter.

As of now, it is not looking for any volunteers; however, it may need some for future events.
WFA always accepts monetary and bike donations to help its cause.

For more information, contact Sarah Allen at 486-1788 or visit

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