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If it seems like your grocery store’s apple section is more abundant than it has been in the past, you’d be correct. With new apple varieties coming onto the scene every few years, gone are the days of choosing between simply red or green.

Instead, choosing the right apple is similar to selecting the perfect wine. Apples can range from tart to sugary sweet, so finding the right balance for your palate is key. Scent can also influence taste, especially when you have a balanced sweetness with an uplifting, fresh aroma.

When it comes to apples, a satisfying texture is as important as taste. Consider an option like the Envy apple, which has been referred to as “the ultimate apple experience” for its consistently balanced, delightful sweetness coupled with a crisp, elegant crunch. They are an easy snack when eaten fresh out of hand and are perfect for pairing with cheese, charcuterie boards, chocolate and nut butters.

Easy to spot with their crimson red skin over a golden background that practically glows, Envy apples are naturally descended from Braeburn and Royal Gala apple varieties, bred by farmers who use time-honored plant-breeding methods. Plus, the apples’ bright white flesh is naturally slow to brown when sliced, so they stay fresher longer.

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