By Kye Saunders

Nelson Elementary School, despite limitations placed on schools countywide due to COVID-19, has maintained a consistent level of educational excellence for its students this fall.

This school year has its unique challenges, but Principal Jason Pepe refuses to let that stop Nelson Elementary School from honoring our local 9/11 heroes.

Established in 2007, Nelson Elementary School created ‘Ribbons to Remember.’
The ceremony takes place every year on 9/11.

Each year, Nelson invites our local men and women who are first responders or in our Armed Forces to place a ribbon on a tree to honor those we have lost.

This ceremony is crucial in teaching the students of Nelson Elementary School about the impact of the terrorist attacks that took place on 9/11 at the World Trade Center in New York City.

The act of placing the ribbons on the tree allows participants to pay tribute to the innocent victims we lost and to grant Nelson students and staff the opportunity to say thank you to our local heroes who make sacrifices every day to keep our community and nation safe.

Due to COVID-19, the way in which students can be involved shifted from physical attendance to a virtual experience.

Instead of holding the event for a live Ribbons to Remember ceremony, Nelson Elementary School created a video that includes touching interviews with service members and their families and performances by Nelson Music.

The video also shares this speech from Principal Pepe himself to our Nelson Eagles.

“As tragic as that day was, I remember how we came together as an indivisible nation, supporting each other and coming together as one people. Every year, we come together as an indivisible nation to come together and pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives on September 11,” said Principal Pepe.

You can help our Nelson Eagles say thank you by sharing the first virtual Ribbons to Remember video online and with your friends by searching ‘Ribbons to Remember 2020’ on YouTube.

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