Brandon Regional Hospital has acquired the latest technology to perform endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) procedures.

Brandon Regional Hospital has acquired the latest technology to perform endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) procedures. Physicians at Brandon Regional Hospital are now using this technology in a variety of applications to help them with the diagnosis and staging of cancers such as esophageal, gastric, rectal and pancreatic cancers; diagnose diseases of internal organs; locate common bile duct stones; and evaluate masses in the lining of the GI tract or in enlarged stomach folds.

EUS combines ultrasound technology with endoscopy to gain an internal vantage point for better visualization. While conventional endoscopy only provides a view of the innermost lining of the digestive tract or its wall, the addition of ultrasound allows the physician to see beyond that wall to visualize all five layers of the GI tract as well as surrounding tissue and organs.

From a clinical perspective, this means that an abnormality below the surface of the digestive tract wall—such as a suspicious growth that was detected at a prior endoscopy or during a CT-scan or physical exam—can be further evaluated under EUS, helping doctors better understand its nature and prescribe the best treatment option.

Gastroenterologist Bhavtosh Dedania, MD recently completed the first EUS procedure at Brandon Regional Hospital.

“Brandon and the surrounding communities will benefit from access to this advanced, minimally invasive technique,” said Dr. Dedania. “The EUS system allows for further evaluation, which facilitates improved identification and more accurate staging of GI tumors.”

Because EUS can be used to visualize other organs outside the digestive tract, EUS plays an important role in diagnosing diseases of the pancreas, bile duct, liver, spleen and gallbladder, as well as assessing a variety of cancers.

In addition, EUS is useful in therapeutic applications such as tissue sample collection, cyst drainage or biopsies of lymph nodes, making it an ideal, minimally invasive alternative to exploratory surgery.

By acquiring the new EUS system, Brandon Regional Hospital is able to further its commitment to providing premier care to patients.

Accredited by The Joint Commission, Brandon Regional Hospital is a 422-bed acute care facility that is nationally ranked as a Top 100 Hospital by IBM Watson, a Top Teaching Hospital by The Leapfrog Group, a U.S. News & World Report High Performing Hospital in COPD and Heart Failure, and a Leapfrog Group ‘A’ for patient safety.

The hospital is located at 119 Oakfield Dr. in Brandon. For more information, visit

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